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AI Content Marketing Strategy

Custom Strategy: Get a personalized session to fine-tune your content strategy with AI, ensuring peak effectiveness. 

Expert Feedback: Gain direct insights and actionable feedback on your AI content to elevate your output.

Fast-Track Success: Accelerate your content mastery with tailored advice, pushing your brand to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I be able to follow the training even if I am a beginner?
    Yes! We start the training with and introduction to AI and walk you through how to get started.
  • Do I have to be technically advanced to succeed with creating AI content?
    Not at all! The tools that we recommend are easy to use and even easier when you follow our step-by-step instructions. Also, remember that you can train a team member on how to use these tools as well.
  • Does this course show how to make a variety of content? Social media, podcasts, videos ?
    YES! The program covers text-based content, video content, audio content, and more!
AI Fueled Content Creation Online Training$0

Welcome to AI Fueled Content Creation
Module 1 - Intro To AI Content Creation

Efficiency and Understanding: Explore how AI significantly speeds up the content creation process while providing a comprehensive overview of its current capabilities and limitations, setting the stage for realistic applications in content development.

Module 2 - Texted Based AI Content Creation

Diverse Content and Tools Mastery: Learn to harness AI for creating a variety of text-based content, from articles to songs, and master the use of tools like Grammarly and Content at Scale for enhancing quality and readability.

Module 3 - AI In Graphic Design and Visual Content 

Innovative Creation and Social Integration: Discover how AI transforms multimedia production through writing and recording podcasts, chatbots, voice cloning, and talking avatars, and learn to seamlessly integrate this content into social media for enhanced engagement.

Module 4 - AI In Social Media 

Streamlining Content Creation and Scheduling: Uncover the power of AI in crafting compelling social media content, from posts to reels, and leverage AI-driven scheduling tools and music creation to enhance engagement and streamline workflows.

Module 5 - AI For Course Creation

Innovative Development and Delivery: Explore AI's role in developing comprehensive course content, conducting research, and creating engaging presentations, utilizing avatars and voice cloning for a more interactive and personalized learning experience.


Creating a Membership Site: Now that you have all this content created, where do you put it? Learn how to put your content into our favorite membership platform. 

Collecting Payment with ThriveCart: Now, the important part! Collecting money. Watch and learn how to set up ThriveCart t collect your money! 

Onboarding Session: Recorded session to "onboard" into the program. Tour around the platform and address frequently asked questions. 

Pay In Full Bonus

  • "How to Build Custom GPTs": What in the world is a GPT and how can you get in on this amazing technology? Watch and learn as we guide you through step by step. 
  • 5 GPTs With Code. Saves you time on development and fine-tuning. The hard work is already done; you're equipped to adapt, deploy, and benefit from cutting-edge AI technology right out of the gate.
  • Advanced GPT training: Let's dig a little deeper on how to master GPT development. Watch, learn and ask questions! 

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