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Start your own online business almost overnight

Earn unlimited income by starting your side hustle in the growing niche of Freelancing

Leverage knowledge and experience of others to earn

Utilize Ai to skyrocket your business and take it to the next level 

Eliminate long learning curves by capitalizing on your current skills

Get ongoing group coaching and support

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Social Media Graphic Pack 

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How do you get the word out about your new online business? Easy! Via Social Media. Get our "Done For You" editable social media images (Canva templates) that you can post on your different social media channels and quickly and easily showcase your new business and offerings! 150 + images + post captions with emojis and hashtags!

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  • Core Training - Step by Step Training On Starting and Scaling Your Freelancing Side Hustle with the help of Ai. 

  • Freedom Portal - Online Training Courses Fueled by Ai To Level Up Your Current Skills Or Learn A New Skill

  • Private Facebook Group - Access to Our Very Active Members Only Facebook Group For Support, Training, Motivation and More! 


  • 15 Shockingly Eaasy Freelancing Gigs - If You Aren't Sure What to Offer, Check Out This Report For Side Hustles Almost Anyone Can Do!  

  • Your Freelancing Website - Showcase Your Skills With Your Own Website! Our Team Will Customize And Install.  

  • 21 Day Launch Plan - Step By Step Blueprint to Follow for 21 Days to Get You On The Path to Success! 

  • Office Hours - Join us LIVE Every Other Week to Get Your Questions Answered! 

  • One on One Onboarding Call - Get a One on One Session With Our Coaches to Start You Down The Path to Success!

  • Resource Room - All The Tools And Resources We Use and Recommend to Make Your Tasks Quick And Easy!

  • Family Pass - Add a Family Member or Business Partner to Your Membership To Join You On This Journey!


  • Freelancing Flipping - Learn How to Leverage The Knowledge of Others and Get Paid 

  • The Lyttle Black Book - List of Vetted Suppliers for The Ten Most in Demand Services.

  • Steal My Team - Get Access to Our Ai Trained Team of Experts to Answer All Your Questions and Get Your Work Done!


  • First 10 Reviews - We Will Give You Your First 10 Reviews! This Will Give You The Jumpstart That Your Need To Keep Get The Momentum Going!
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will this work if you are new and don't have a business?
    YES! This is program is perfect for you. Use skills you already have or quickly learn a new skill - all with the help of Ai.
  • Won't the market get saturated?
    No! This is an evolving market. As a new freelancer starts, a new buyer is already looking! The amount of people that need help, the help that you can provide, will only continue to grow!
  • Is this good to start as a Side Hustle? (if you currently have a job)
    Yes! Many of our students start as a way to earn some extra money. Many eventually turned their side hustle into their full time hustle!
  • Will this work internationally?
    YES! We have a very international student base, and this can work anywhere in the world. There are no limitations!
  • Why do you guys offer a whole year guarantee? That sounds kinda crazy!
    We totally get it if our one-year guarantee seems a bit out there and raises some eyebrows. But let us assure you, it's definitely not crazy!! We genuinely believe in the potential of our program and the success it can bring. That's why we're giving you a whole year to dive into the training, join our support channels, and put it all into action. We don't want you to rush through it; we want you to take your time (while still keeping up the pace because money loves speed) and really absorb everything. We've got your back, and that's why we're standing behind our program with this extended guarantee.


DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures stated in our training sessions are our personal sales figures or verified sales figures of our students. These figures are not typical, and we do not imply that by taking any of these training, you will get the same results. We have the benefit of over 20 years of experience and as a result, have a solid understanding of how these systems work. Your results will vary and depend on many factors that are out of our control. Factors such as your background, experience, your willingness to follow and take direction, accept constructive feedback, and, most importantly, your work ethic. To see success, it is important to implement what is taught and take consistent action. Due to the fact that these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success. Testimonials shown are non-representative of every student; some students may or may not have the same results. Some students may get compensation in the form of free training or a nominal gift that encourages them to voluntarily provide an honest testimonial of their experience, whether it is positive or negative. Freelancing Genius is not a school and does not offer any degrees or guarantee employment by enrolling in this program. We are not a “get-rich-quick scheme.” Our program, or any other program we recommend, takes substantial time, effort, and dedication to be successful. Joining our training program does entail risk. If you are not willing to accept the risk and take consistent effort and action, then please do not join our program. At the end of our training, there will be an offer for people who want to work more closely either with us to get help to implement the training that they learned. The opportunity to join our program is completely optional, and you can leave without buying anything. You can also take what you learned in the training and implement the strategies on your own. All Rights Reserved - 5524 W State Rd 46, Ste 146, Sanford FL 32771.