Get Paid To Format Books
Learn How To Format Interiors of Books For Authors And Get Paid For Your Time And Skills

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Giannah Smith -  Internet Income Jamaica Student and Trainer 

Course Description

When an author writes a book, that is just the first step in their journey. Next, they need to format the interior of the book. Formatting is needed to improve the book's layout, add pictures, or format properly for specific platforms. Step by step training to teach you everything you need to know about book formatting. 

What you will learn:
  • Ebook/ Kindle and Paperback
  • Trim size selection
  • Margins
  • With a Bleed and without a bleed
  • Picture Books
  • Clickable TOC
  • Chapter Title
  • Special Chapter headings with imagery 
  • Front Matter
  • Back Matter
  • Clickable hyperlinks 
  • Format Image for HD
  • Special page numbering 
  • Drop Caps
  • Gender-Specific Formatting
  • Special Header and Footer Formatting 
  • Add book cover and Create a PDF file for book downloads from a site. 
  • Embed Fonts
  • Flattening the file
  • Remove Print Spillovers

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